The Open Solvers Club Jr.

Free and Open activities for children 4 - 8 years

We are opening up 7 modules of the solvers club junior activites that can be offered in video + handout format over the course of the next couple of months. We will begin our open sessions with Artful Stories this week.

While we cannot offer individual feedback and attention to all the participants, we are building a community around it to make sure there is sufficient guidance and inspiration from fellow members. We will try our best to engage as much as possible as facilitators.

In order to make sure these activities reach everyone that can benefit from this as quickly as possible, we have chosen Facebook groups and its social learning add-on as our platform.

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  • 1. Getting Started (for educators & parents)

    • Purpose
    • Our Approach
    • Expected Outcomes
    • Adults Role & Participation
    • Guidelines
  • 2. Artful Stories

    • Art
    • Stories
    • Enactment
    • Perspectives
  • 3. Shapes and Patterns

    • Visualization
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Spatial Reasoning
    • Geometry
    • Abstraction
  • 4. Drawing & Sketching

    • Sketching
    • Shading
    • Characters
    • Grafitti
  • 5. Building and Making

    • Origami
    • Lego / Block activities
    • Modeling
  • 6. Games

    • Simple Board Games
    • Traditional Games
    • Puzzles
  • 7. Reading

    • Book Suggestions
    • Live Events
    • Videos
  • 8. Movement

    • Dance Steps
    • Theatrical Movement
    • Expression

We are trying to post one video per week on the Facebook group. The only criteria for membership is engagement. Your child or cohort works on the activity and posts their work.

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To sum it all up…

In the midst of a world changing pandemic
Let's think beyond all things academic
Are our children growing up creative
Will they be able to change the narrative?
When their world throws them problems at a scale
That was only heard before in a myth or a fairy tale

While we lockdown our bodies, let's free our mind
How to create, how to solve, how to be kind
Let this quest fuel us, a better world we will find
We are opening up our junior solvers club
For this to be a young creator's source, a maker's hub
No fees, no charge. You gotta create, that's the only rub