The Solvers School (Coming Soon)

The world has turned upside down and things have changed. What hasn't changed is the approach to K-12 education. In some ways familiarity is comforting. But are we, as adults, seeking our comfort while denying it for children? Are there better ways for children to learn? Are you ready to give your child a joyful learning experience?


What if children know and understand why and what they are learning? What if children use the things they learn to create things that are useful? What if they are not learning to score but learning to build?


What if children learn at their own pace, going deep where their interest lies. What if their learning is not driven by a fixed curriculum, but by their own will, motivated by a need to make something they want?


What if children have a group of peers to discuss, teach and learn from? What if the learning is co-operative? What if the peer group is always available to lean on and grow with? What if they can inspire each other to be better versions?


What if a group of mentors are available to guide, inspire and help students explore in depth? What if there are games and activities to help them gain insights? What if they work with their mentors in designing them?


What if the environment allowed and even encouraged experimentation and failure? What if there is respect and trust placed on the children to make good decisions while having open doors for trustful conversations?


What if learning were not monotonous, punitive or forced? What if there is plenty of joy and exploration? Can learning be slow but deep? What if learning were not like a race but like a cooperative board game?

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