Door #1: A long, long time ago in the future

Problem solving through creative writing

The first door in our Open Up series walks you into the world of problem solving by exploring creative writing and story telling.

Be warned, this creative writing workshop is like no other. You will literally build stories in Minecraft. You will go on treasure hunts. You will create treasure hunting expeditions studded with rhymes and poetry. You will finish your adventure with a live action story enacted on Minecraft.

You will interpret amazing poetry and see multiple perspectives. You will play word games and guessing games. You will explore parts of their brain that have never been exercised. A wild and joyous creative ride like no other.

Why?: Creative writing as a problem solving tool

It is impossible to succeed in any facet of life as a leader if you cannot tell a compelling story. In fact, most people succeed only by visualizing and believing in a story and a world in which that success happens.

Powerful writing is essential to communicate ideas, persuade a group, create consensus and build and assimilate knowledge. It is a foundational skill irrespective of your desired profession.

Mahatma Gandhi told the story of an independent India achieved completely through non-violence. Steve Jobs told the story of a single device that can be your phone, connection to the internet and your personal assistant. Storytelling is essential for success no matter the choice of profession. A few examples:

  • Sales and Marketing

    • Narrative
    • Connection
    • Empathy
    • Persuasion
  • Leadership and Management

    • Motivation
    • Goal sharing
    • Courage
    • Purpose
  • Sports and Fitness

    • Belief
    • Confidence
    • Perseverance
    • Work ethic
  • Art and Design

    • Imagination
    • Creativity
    • Wonder
    • Quirkiness

What?: One month of serious fun

Our tried and tested inspire -> experiement -> create -> repeat method will get you started on your journey as a story teller and a problem solver. These activities will stay with you and remind you to open up in the face of any problem.

Some of the things we will cover:

  • Story Writing

    • Structure
    • Plot
    • Characters
    • Depth
  • Narration

    • Tone
    • Modulation
    • Perspective
    • Emotion
  • Minecraft

    • Visualization
    • World building
    • Automation
  • Poetry

    • Interpretation
    • Rhymes
    • Patterns
    • Metaphors

How?: Schedule and Program

  • Live Group sessions

    • 12 live group video sessions
    • 3 hours each
    • Interactive and social
  • One on Ones

    • At least 6 one on one sessions
    • 1 hour each
    • Discussions, Review & Feedback
  • Collaboration

    • 70% team acitivities
    • Teams interact on group chat
    • Video / Audio calls as needed
  • Engagement

    • At least 6 hours per day
    • Creative thinking assignments
    • Learn, Play and Create using Minecraft

The scheduled sessions include 12 interactive sessions of 3 hours each with 6 hours of work every weekday. We will plan additional sessions if and when needed.

Queries will be addressed on a group chat program and if needed a direct video call. Participants will communicate among themselves using group chats and video calls when attempting collaborative/team activities.

Participants will have access to material, group chat interface and facilitators for up to 15 days after the workshop is complete.

There will be no assessment at the end of the workshop. At Puthir, we firmly believe that assessments are harmful. We find the process of reviewing creative work and having detailed discussions much more beneficial and effective. Their creations will be reviewed and a discussion on their work and how to take it further will be presented to them.

No certificates will be awarded, their participation with links to their choice of creations will be presented on the Puthir website for references and posterity.

How?: Enrollment Process

Since this is a small group program we are looking at a small set of participants 4 - 8 children. We will accept applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Interest & engagement during the enrollment process

  • Parental alignment towards the goals of the program

  • Ability and availability to engage completely with the program

1. Application

Applicants create a story based on the constraints given. They can narrate it on video and submit their video, they can record and submit an audio, draw a comic and submit pictures. Any medium is alright. It is important that they do it with no conceptual guidance or help from others.

They are free to accept technical help (recording, uploading, using the computer, phone etc) wherever needed with emphasis on making them as independent as possible.

2. Review and response

We will review each application carefully and respond as early as possible.

3. Discussion of program goals

A quick video call to discuss with the parents the goals and requirements of the program.

4. Enrollment

If everything is aligned, we will enroll your child and provide the starter kit to get them on board with the program.

Who?: The people behind the program

You will be working closely with the educators and creators of Puthir.

  • sowmya

    Book lover, Writer, Dancer, Artist

    Sowmya is an artist, writer, book lover, zumba instructor, kalaripayattu enthusiast, budding psychologist and most of all, a lifelong learner.

    She has cultivated avid readers in Puthir members by sharing her quintessential love for books.

    Sowmya wields the brush, mouse, pen and a voice of reason to make Puthir fantastic. Puthir's walls are decorated with her curations and creations.

    Her sketchwork, cartoons and essays are available on her personal website.

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