Curated and guided book club

A place to meet, greet and celebrate books

Books and reading are essential to leading a creative life. They help us see other perspectives, be better than who we were. They take us closer to who we want to be, on a journey of transformation.

They guide us through tough times, in knowing ourselves better. They equip us with knowledge and strength to identify problems and turn them into working models.

They endow the gift of imagination to navigate the world, to turn hardships into adventures.

Critical reading

Early readers grow up to be empathetic, worldly and resilient. Reading helps them with logical analysis and reasoning skills. Continued reading from childhood through adolescence and early adulthood prepares children to lay a solid foundation for a balanced and content life.

Critical reading is an integral part in making these happen. It is important to question the things we read. Often, we forget why we read.

Some want adventure, fantasy and mystery. Some read to get away from the everyday monotony. Some read to know more about the world and people around them. No matter what the reason, over time, we need to develop critical reading skills to get the best of what a book or author has to offer.

Themes explored

  • Cultural fiction

  • Quirky fiction

  • Cartoon stories

  • Imaginative fiction

  • Social fiction

  • Spooky stories

  • Fictional realism

  • Literary fiction

  • Comical fiction

  • Mystery & suspense

  • Personal essays

  • Magical realism

  • Adventure stories

  • Women writers

  • Science fiction

To sum it all up…

Books are wonderful, an endless boon
Get to know them, they make you swoon
Takes time, effort and patience
To get to the core, to get the essence
A journey long, lovely and insightful
Taken up only by the thoughtful
Books are the brave superheros
Holding you when you need them most.

Fixed and motionless, you somehow fly
On the ground, but also up high
Lovely sights, beautiful and bold
Not wandering, traveling the world
A strand so strong, connecting thoughts
Opening minds and quelling doubts
Light and heavy, calm and aloft
Read, read some more, read a lot.