Kothai and Kani: The gossip slayers

Today's gossip is tomorrow's fake news

Our 9th story covered an important topic of this generation or any generation for that matter - Gossip.

Third in the Mani & Muthu series of stories, The gossip slayers is the backstory of the steadfast queen Kothai and her wise minister Kani.

After a brief session of recap, the story began with a murmur. Characters after characters, incidents after incidents and events after events started to pile up. Murmur turned into clamour and clamour into uproar. Knee deep into the story, the kids were intent and eager to know what comes next after each step.

This was one of the most interactive sessions we’ve had at Kathaividu so far. Our post-story activity turned out to be rip-roaringly funny, not to mention fun and a huge hit among the children and the adults as well.