Original stories, authentic telling

Epic storytelling for all ages

Every first Sunday, Puthir and its members prepare for an adventure. An army of relatable but powerful characters march into Puthir. Audience is tranported into a world that is both fantastical and real at the same time.

They become one of the characters. Feel their emotions. Share their triumphs and failures. With no visual stimulation, part of their mind races to build pictures and movies while the rest of it churns questions, alternatives and possibilities.

On Kathai Vidu days, Puthir fills up with wonder, imagination, questions, learnings and emotions. These stories resonate during the rest of the week as the children discuss them during their days at the solvers club.

The power of storytelling

Stories are important to make the impossible look like child's play. They are the foundation on which civilization exists. Kathai Vidu is an important aspect of Puthir. Stories and the narration at Kathai Vidu provide foundational inspiration when members are tasked to create.

Mahatma Gandhi told the story of an independent India achieved completely through non-violence. Steve Jobs told the story of a single device that can be your phone, connection to the internet and your personal assistant. Storytelling is essential for success no matter the choice of profession. A few examples:

  • Sales and Marketing

    • Narrative
    • Connection
    • Empathy
    • Persuasion
  • Leadership and Management

    • Motivation
    • Goal sharing
    • Courage
    • Purpose
  • Sports and Fitness

    • Belief
    • Confidence
    • Perseverance
    • Work ethic
  • Art and Design

    • Imagination
    • Creativity
    • Wonder
    • Quirkiness

Our original stories

Our first original story, "Kayal, the Formidable", is on its way to be published for an international audience. Our stories connect. Characters appear in other stories giving children a sense of connection, continuity and belonging.

  • 1. Kayal, the Formidable

    An epic adventure of a brave girl that introduces nature, its wonders and our responsibility to a generation that needs it the most.

    Kayal will soon be released as a picture book.

  • 2. Monkster and Muffin

    Hillarious story of an unlikely friend for life that gives hope, a listening ear, ideas and the power to decide. Although, sometimes all you need is a pat in the back.

    Our second upcoming book under the Kathai Vidu banner.

  • 3. Nila and her humongous problem

    Our third story takes "problem solving" and dissects it with a quirky knife . Nila takes our audience through a potpourri of emotions: weirdness, disgust, happiness, triumph.

  • 4. Mani and Muthu go to the fair

    Two inseparable friends attempt to help their village during famine. Their adventurous journey teaches them new skills, gains them new friends and shows them what's truly valuable.

  • 5. Mani and Muthu: A forest adventure

    Our second story in the Mani and Muthu series, takes the friends on a dangerous journey. Their courage and helpfulness pulls them through when they get stuck in a deep dark abyss.

  • 6. Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi…

    Using the game of Kabaddi as a perfect metaphor, our sixth story takes a stand against bullying by taking the audience through an emotional roller coaster.

  • 7. Made by mangamma

    A tragedy turns into a story of unparalleled enterprise as our protagonist meets and gets inspired by a witty maker unruffled by the material world.

  • 8. The Super Hero School

    Strangers come together because of their weaknesses and find strength in supporting each other and finding their super powers in Kathai Vidu's take on super heroes.

  • 9. Kothai and Kani: The gossip slayers

    Our third story in the Mani and Muthu series tells the story of Queen Kothai and her wise minister Kani as they combat a gossip network.

  • 10. Mari: The richest man in the whole world

    A successful billionaire goes out into a secluded forest to add more feathers to his cap of achievements, only to realize the feathers have more life on a bird's wing.

  • 11. Time Troubles

    A band of misfits. Outcasts. Weirdos. As the world searches for more labels to tag them, our three protagonists find save the world in our first science fiction.

  • 12. Baby's day inn

    What does it take to persevere? What does it take to push boundaries? What does it take to climb a larger hill? Lessons await as Baby grows up.

  • 13. Om Detective Agency: A mischievous mystery

    In our first detective story, our budding investigators with unending curiosity for the world around them find more than what they went looking for.

  • 14. Om Detective Agency: Case of a spinning ball

    Our second story in the detective series has our young investigators use their toolkit to save their school from embarassment.

To sum it all up…

Our stories are long. Some are more than an hour. Our audience has spanned 4 year olds to 60 year olds. We have had willful complete silence for a good thirty minutes. We have had heckling, yawning, playing, jumping. Every one of our stories has followed up with a thematic activity where the story translates to something real. A subliminal connection that never goes away.

Our stories are devoid of dramatic climaxes and good vs evil absolutisms and flawless idols. Our stories are made of kids sometimes young, sometimes very old. Our stories are made of situations that are fabricated from life. Our stories treat the audience with the respect they deserve in coming to conclusions.

Stories are powerful tools and we use them to their full potential.