{ think: math; art; code }

Computational thinking and literacy

Computing is not a specialized skill anymore. Using computers effectively implies you are good at whatever you do. As a student, it means you get good at learning.

Kani program is something you graduate into through effective performance in the rest of the solvers club activities.

Solving multiple levels of problems in the functional programming activity prepares our members for this intense workout in analysis, design, programming and computational thinking.

Computers are magic windows

Programming and computation are not an end in themselves. Instead, they open us up to a world of infinite possiblities. You can look at anything you are interested in at the level of detail that you desire.

Telescope, Microscope, Kaliedoscope, Stethoscope, etc.., or a computer.

With the Kani program, we open our members up to seeing computing as a tool, an extension of their own minds, a way to see the different shapes of the universe or shape their own world the way they want them to be.

  • Data Visualization

    • Spreadsheets
    • Modeling
    • Graphing
    • Simulation
  • Functional Programming

    • Types
    • Functions
    • Effects
    • Purity
  • Data structures & algorithms

    • Data Shapes
    • Analysis
    • Measurement
    • Optimization
  • Mathematics

    • Expressions
    • Functions
    • Sets
    • Categories
  • Music

    • Notes
    • Patterns
    • Rhythm
    • Loops
  • Art

    • Patterns
    • Colors
    • Composition
    • Variations
  • Organization

    • Categorization
    • Note taking
    • Tagging
  • Communication & Management

    • Calendar
    • Email
    • Tasks
    • Time

To sum it all up…

As with many of Puthir's activities, Kani takes a completely different approach to programming and computation. A first principles approach to learning and creating with computers.

The most important aspect of Kani is to add a powerful thinking and manipulating tool to their already powerful creative aresenal fortified by the solvers club and the rest of the Puthir events.