Reflections on educational reform

We believe that education and learning are essential human endeavors. We also believe that the 3Cs are irreplacable in learning: Connection, Conversation and Care. Our writing embodies an honest reflection of our work, mission, values and experiences.

The Story of Puthir - Part 1

A few years ago, we were shopping for education options for our son. We were worried that his natural curiosity, the joy of discovering something new, the innate triumph in learning will be gone. That they will be taken away from him by the milestone driven educational system. We..

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Puthir goes to Chitkul

Good things are built to last and things that last are built with immense effort and love. At Puthir, we pride ourselves in taking up the monumental task of transforming education into a long-lasting abode of self-discovery and learning. Speaking of last, this summer we visited..

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Global Math Week at Puthir - Part 1

When our son was in first grade, he religiously collected shiny red seeds in our neighborhood and in his school. One day, when our discussions veered towards multiplication and division, these red seeds came in as a prop for grouping and sorting. These early discussions laid the..

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Exploding dots and inquiry based learning

A Zen Story (probably) . Once there was a master that wanted his students to develop their intuition and look at problems from different perspectives. So he gave each of his students a very difficult problem to solve. As they kept working on their problems, the master walked..

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Exploding dots and inverted classrooms

When one teaches, two learn . Situations that force us to explain something in a simple fashion make us realize that our understanding is not as deep as we imagined. Ensuring that such situations are naturally abundant is the biggest challenge in education. Being a part of a..

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Exploding dots and accelerated learning

The problem with X . The islands in exploding dots take a steep leap from division to algebra. Most of our members (Grade 6, 11 yo) decided that it was beyond them. Our opinion is that the content is well within their grasp, but their lack of knowledge and introduction to..

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Puthir - 2020 Report

2020 - The year we got derailed? Or, will it be the year that set us straight? Only time will tell. The pandemic has brought into focus a very important question: What is essential? We stayed inside, when we stepped out for the “essentials”, we concealed our smiles. The only way..

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Teachers are heroes

This year, teachers around the world were tasked with doing the impossible, without notice, without preparation, without training, without support. As they have always been. They have done it once again, rising up to the challenge. As educators, when we find videos disrespecting..

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Breakroom WordSearch: The evolution

In Tamil, Puthir means mystery or at a slightly lower level, a puzzle. From the combinatorics of Archimedes’ Stomachion to the deceitful simplicity of Tangrams to the the delightful tamil riddles, puzzles are the earliest manifestation of the human endeavor to equate..

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