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Kayal, the Formidable

A magical epic picture book with hilarious verses

You don't know Kayal?
Are you really for real?
Waking up to shake things up,
She will pour the world and drink it up.

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Post Seuss

Kayal, the Formidable uses hilarious verses and rib-tickling illustrations with a tip of the hat towards Dr.Seuss and Shel Silverstein. A magical creature and nonsensical verses pull the reader in before driving them up to a thundering climax in this rip-roaring adventure.

Slow reading heaven

Binary stories are easy to tell, easy to listen to. They are also easy to forget. Kayal, the Formidable emphasizes that the journey is more important than the destination. It is meant to be read slowly, over a long period of time and repeated. A fitting bed time story for all age groups.

Cultural diversity

Children growing up in concrete jungles most often do not even know where their food comes from. Can a story set in a village where production is close to consumption make for an awe inspiring story? Kayal, the Formidable is set in an imaginary village in southern Tamil Nadu, India. The village, the practices and the people have been depicted as close to reality as possible without losing the charm of a picture book.

Challenge young readers

Stories for young children are usually short and simple. They are optimized for low attention span. But do they have to be? Can young children read a long story over multiple sittings? Can they remember or back track? Can we train the young ones in delayed gratification using compelling stories as vehicles? Kayal, the Formidable addresses these questions.


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