The Solvers Club

Thoughtful Games. Joyful Courses. Artful Projects. Interactive Epics.

Mobile Game

Breakroom WordSearch

Create topical puzzles & challenge your friends in this creative take on word games. Productive play with calming music.

Desktop Game

Breakroom Dominoes (Beta)

A 3D Domino world to explore, play and learn. Play with 3 bots that have unique personality and strategy.

Picture Book

Kayal, the Formidable

Epic non-linear adventure romp for children of all ages with hilarious verses and gorgeous illlustrations.

The Solvers Club Universal Membership

Coming Soon

One membership to get access to our games, books, courses and community. During the last 4 years, our physical club served over 100 children. We are excited to bring all our learnings and the goodness to children everywhere to make learning joyous and playful.



Our kitchen is busier than ever. Yummy delicacies are on their way.

Breakroom Triangles


A triangle is a simple shape. But aren't simple things the most useful? They combine to form complex and complicated shapes. They are the building blocks. Whoa! We're spilling all the secrets here :)

Breakroom Functions


Can you program without a computer? Can you program wooden blocks? Members of the solvers club have done for the past 4 years. Soon anyone, anywhere can do it in our upcoming game world.

OM Detective Agency


When a devastating move breaks a dear bond, shatters her dreams and threatens to send her life into a vicious abyss, 12 year old detective Oli must grab life by its reins, make amends, form new bonds and climb back up.

Math: Proofs & Properties - 1


Explore mathematics as language to understand the world around you. We start with the basic operations and dig deep into their properties, question things that were previously accepted as facts, understand how to write proofs.

Programming: Probability - 1


Learn to program Typescript functionally. Get introduced to sets, probability, and functions in Mathematics and how they are related to programming. Understand how to use this new tool in your arsenal to learn and visualize Mathematics better.

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