You don’t know Kayal?
Are you really for real?
Waking up to shake things up,
She will pour the world and drink it up.

Many of our children are growing up without meaningful connection to nature.
Their world? A concrete jungle.
Their nature? Man-made.
Where does clean water come from? Cans! Fresh air? Air conditioners!

Kayal, the Formidable aims to reconnect the younger generation with nature — the magical wonders of plants, animals and life around them. Kayal will empower them with awareness, kindness and knowledge. Adults reading to children can fill some gaps with tales from their childhood. Catchy verses, funny pictures and quirky characters will enthrall independent young readers.

The Story of the story: Who is Kayal?

In 2011 Navilan’s 3 year old demanded his ritual bedtime story. It started casually; a story set in a simple place in simple times. Half hour passed and raptured by the narration, the toddler demanded more. He was curious to know what comes next, no longer interested in sleep. Kayal was born that night.

Whenever kids gathered and asked for stories, Kayal promptly showed up. Stories had the power to calm the restless and comfort the hyperactive.

Kayal took new forms and made new friends over the next 8 years. Kayal went to Sikkim in 2016 and became Maya. Maya went to Himachal in 2019 and every time she travelled, she kept her sense of adventure and kindness but learned new things - the local flora and fauna, new languages, new dialects. Kayal or Maya, whoever she chooses to be, she implores kids to be kind to nature, each other, and themselves.

  • muhilan


    Muhilan is a father, software engineer and acclaimed muralist

    His love for his craft and desire to make his pictures light the life of people around it is infectious. Puthir members were lucky to learn from him during the 20 Vannam sessions.